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Dr. Svetlana Kostic Petrushevska in 1995 pioneered in opening a first private practice in the country and merged both dermatology and aesthetic.

Dr. Svetlana Kostic Petrushevska graduated and sprecializated dermatovenereology of Medical Faculty at the St. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje.

The successful work of the practice is based on continual keeping-up with the world innovations in this field and great effort to bring in and apply the same in Macedonia.

As a result, in 1998 she was awarded the prize “Woman Manager of the Year”.

The avant-garde continues with implementing the ever latest world hit-methods.

She was the first to start chemical peeling with 70% fruit acids ( and became an exclusive expert consultant for medical cosmetology Dr. Murad, UCLA.

Aesthetic medicine she specializes in France with eminent aesthetic surgeons and attends all International, World, European anti-ageing and master congresses, as well as the local French (Societe France). But the major experience she achieved by multiple stays at the prestigious Aesthetic Surgery Clinics in Paris.

She brings to perfection Botox treatments after attending the school of the well-known world surgeon Dr. Le Louarn, Paris, considered by his colleagues as a virtuoso of aesthetic surgery. The art of rejuvenation with fillers, sculpting of live matter, is her especial challenge.

With the help of the master-pharmacy MEDICANOVA from Skopje, she manages to bring to our market the best-quality filler TEOSYAL from Laboratories Geneva, which was awarded the first prize for quality in 2008 in London, in competition with other fillers present at the world market and at the same time received the highest grades.

TEOXANE – Geneva in 2006 appointed Dr. Svetlana for an exclusive presenter and instructor.

Dr. Svetlana Kostic Petrushevska now is practicing in her Clinic, helding practical basic and advanced  workshops in several countries in the field of Aesthetic Medicine (Teosyal-fillers) and responds on frequent demand by the media to speak on the latest advancements in skin care and aesthetic medicine giving expert advice in many of top magazines, newspapers and television documentaries.