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Total Face-Lift

Apart from the main aim of Botulinum Toxin injections to improve the external appearance of a person, in the hands of expert doctors, such injections can simultaneously provide a non-surgical face lift. Previous expert analysis of the facial muscles, i.e. elevators and depressors has revealed that multiple injections into the depressors, using the point technique, along with a pull of facial structures in the inferior direction, is the most important rule. By establishing a balance between these two opportunistic muscle groups one is able to lift the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks (known as the ‘Nefertiti look’), lip corners, nose tip, as well as smooth the wrinkles on the entire face, neck and décolletage. The aging process involves the orbicular muscles of the eye and mouth and leads to a diminution in the size of the rime oculi and the lips and the appearance of small radial wrinkles. The relaxation of these muscles allows the eyes to open and smoothes the form of the lips. The method whereby Mezobotox is applied can substantially remove the surrounding small dense radial wrinkles. Multiple injections in platisma bands can smooth the wrinkles on the neck and also, lift droopy cheeks. The relaxation process of the masseter can change the square shape of the lower face and allow it to become more oval. Patients with the so-called ‘Horse Smile’ have a limited smile after relaxation of the rissorius and a smaller number of cheek wrinkles.

The Total Botox Face-Lift procedure should be carried out by a physician with an excellent knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the relevant muscles, as well as adequate experience in different doses and dilutions of Botox. Proper choice of the patient and artistic skills of the doctor can accomplish desired effect, especially in combination with fillers.

The patients who are deemed not to be suitable for surgery for medical reasons or those who have minimal time for a post-operative recovery period benefit most from this rather efficient procedure.

Total Face-Lifting

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