Your location: Dermatovenereology


To visit dermatologist  at the first phase of skin disease is very important for well-timed confirmation of the diagnosis and containing progress, complications and transmission from person to person.

Proper treatment of the bacterial, viral or  fungal infections inhibits disease progression and heals up completely.

Sometimes skin disease can be first sign of internal diseases (diabetes, hormonal disorders, infectious , autoimmune, degenerative, congenital, vascular, paraneoplastic diseases ( benign and malignant tumors )….

Allergies have become more frequently today.

Dermatology includes the skin adjoining anatomical parts and their diseases ( hair, nails, sebaceous and sweating glands ).

Skin carcinoma is significantly frequent, especially in the people exposed on the sun or other radiation. In a case of suspicious change of the skin disorders the dermatologist consultation is needful.

Skin moles can transform in melanomalignoma.

It’s specifically important continuing observation of skin moles and recognizing:

- Change in colour,

- Change in previous shape,

- Change in largeness,

- New “satellite” moles around the basic one,

- Ulcer or bleeding of the mole

- starts itching or becomes painful

These symptoms must be reported to the doctor.