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Hair removal

Permanent hair removal is performed by the worldwide renowned appliance EPILSCAN HFD on a basis of electroepilation. A tiny needle painless for the patient is entered into the hair root and by a short emission of electricity the root is destroyed and afterwards the hair is removed by tweezers. For a complete comfort to the patient, the procedure is made under local anaesthesia.

This is so far the most established method worldwide and enduring as safe and effective.  With this method already after the first treatment a visible reduction of the hairs is noticeable. Evenly effective for black and white hairs. It is performed once in 30 days and the hairiness is reduced by each further treatment. EPILSCAN HFD has virtues over all other electroepilatory devices especially because of never leaving aftereffects such as blemishes or orange peel punctures.

Home therapy is prescribed to facilitate the sprouting of the hairs from the skin of the arms and legs and to prevent their twisting, inflaming with suppuration and occurrence of blemishes. The therapy at the same time whitens the earlier occurred spotted blemishes and evens the colour of mottled legs.

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