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Chemical peels

We perform few different peelings, depending of the skin and problem we want to remove.

MILD PEEL is performing with applying 70 % of fruit acids. D-r Murad  products are so sophisticated that the patient can return to the everyday routine after the treatment.

MEDIUM PEELS are performed with trichloroacetic acid (TCA), at different concentration (from 10% to 35%). The skin starts to peel 4 days latter and stops, approximately, one week later, showing the visible results, even after first treatment. If lower concentration is used the treatment can be performed 4 times in intervals of 8 to 10 days. The procedure is not performed during the summer.

DEEP PEEL is performed with Phenol. The peeling of the skin is dramatic next 10 to 20 days and the patient needs intense home care all the time. Often visits to the doctor are necessary for controlling proper healing of the skin. The redness lasts longer period. The results are spectacular and the pilling is named “CHEMICAL LIFTING”.

This procedure must be performed by a highly qualified doctor for Phenol peel.

“ONLU TOUCH” PEEL is suitable for small dark spots and senile keratoses.

When to perform peels?

Acne, scars, blemishes, oily and impure skin

The treatment causes removal of the surface dead cells thus opening the pores and the sebaceous glands canals are easily drained, avoiding the danger from suppuration and leaving permanent aftereffects. The previously occurred blemishes are being whitened, the T-zone widened pores are soothed and the scars are smoothed to a certain extent.

Skin rejuvenation for patients susceptible to premature wrinkled, tired and yellowy skin complexion (smokers` tan).

Besides the surface layer of the skin, the fruit acids also work in the deeper layers . They stimulate the production of collagen and elastyn which prevent the premature aging, smooth the fine wrinkles, pull the water from the deeper layer to the surface by which they improve the radiance and restore the shine and elasticity of the face. For rejuvenation purposes this treatment should be done each winter. The fruit acids whiten as well blemishes occurred during pregnancy, hyperpigmentations after hormonal therapy, dark age spots and mostly of sun exposure.

Whitening of blemishes

Dark age spots, hyperpigmentations of varied origin: acne scars, chloasma, hormonal, sun exposure, pigmentations of legs and arms occurred due to hair follicles suppuration after depilation, are treated with great results.

With a combination of peeling (70% fruit acids, AHA/BHA, 50% TCA or 80% TCA) and mesotherapy, night cream containing hydrokynone , vitamin C and fruit acids, whitening of the blemishes is achieved. Peeling procedures are performed from October to June. When using peelings, skin protection with daily hydrating creams with high UV protection is necessary.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels- fruit acids or TCA?

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